Sunday, October 18, 2009

Puppy Bling

I finally took the time to get some bling for Izzo. She now has a name tag hanging on her collar. It tingles when she moves and clinks against her bowl when she is getting a drink or eating. It accessorizes with her black gentle leader, black collar and her black leash.

Some of the other girls in class have pink and purple leashes and name tags. The guys tend to go for blue and dark green. Being a Spartan fan Izzo will probably save green for game days… but black complements her soft golden fur so nicely and matches her cute button nose and black eyes. Don’t you think it’s just the thing for her?

Aside from showing off her bling, Izzo has been busy growing. She is now over 55 pounds.

She is working on some new skills like “under” where she is to go under a table and drop. She is also learning “rest your head” where she puts her head down on your lap, a leg or a chair. Jake sometimes uses this command for Miles when Miles is lying down. Jake will have Miles put his head on the footrest of his wheelchair to keep Miles from sniffing around on the floor when he doesn't want him to. He also uses it to when he is undressing Miles from his uniform at night. Miles will rest his head in Jake’s lap and Jake will lean forward and use his teeth to release the latch on Miles gentle leader. So it's an important skill.

Til soon!