Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Izzo had a great party weekend! There were people and dogs galore at our house for the Easter weekend and everyone had a blast. The kids were home from college and the family showed up with food and refreshments. There were dogs for Izzo to play with… 4 of them all together. We were outside a lot and enjoyed the nice weather that we had. The dogs did lots of running around and wore themselves out.

Miles was not sure what to think of this little creature that had taken over his domain. He quickly established himself as the lead dog and didn’t take too much grief from Izzo. After the initial meeting he pretty much ignored her. Izzo pretended to be a big dog like Miles and drank from his bowls while he was home with them. I really thought she was looking like she had grown a lot, but then seeing her next to Miles he looked like a giant dog! I didn’t remember that he was so big!

Let’s see – our homework for the week was getting out and meeting lots of different people in different types of dress. Since we had a murder mystery dinner at our house on Saturday night, Izzo got to see lots of costumes and hats and such on everyone. It didn’t phase her.

We also went to a pet store, visited a groomer and walked down the sidewalk in our little town. Everywhere we went, Izzo got lots of attention. She got her service dog backpack in class last week so everyone seems to have to remark on how cute she looks in it! She is getting used to wearing it and her gentle leader and seems to not be bothered by them anymore.

Izzo is growing fast. She gained 3 pounds from the week before! I’ll be curious to see what she weighs tomorrow night when we go to class again. We’ll keep you posted!

PS - we had snow on April 6th and since it was wet and heavy, Izzo quickly figured out she could push it with her nose and make a little snow ball. Then she would eat it! Fun for a few minutes - thankfully it melted before the day was over.

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