Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Digs

Izzo has grown so much since the last update… at class last week she had doubled her weight since she came home with us – now at 22 pounds!

Our instructor suggested it might be time to get larger kennels for our puppies since they have grown so much. I hadn’t realized it but she was sure crowded in her puppy kennel… she could barely stand up.

No wonder the first thing she always did when she came out of her kennel was to lay flat on the floor and sss-tttt-rrrr-eee-tttt-cccc-hhhhh herself out on the floor.

The new kennel is a definite improvement! Izzo can now stretch out, sit up, and roll over to her heart’s content in the new one!

I’ll keep using the little one to transport her in the car until I figure out about a seat belt harness or something to hold her securely in the back seat.

The other highlight in Izzo’s life is having Jake and Miles moved home from college for the summer. I was kind of hoping that Miles knowledge and good manners would set the stage for Izzo to just start mimicking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way… Izzo has to learn by repetition, repetition, repetition. It has given me new appreciation for Miles and how way smart he is and how good he is!

The other fun thing Izzo got to do last week was attend a “puppy party.” It was fundraiser for Helping Paws and 5 of Izzo’s litter mates were there, plus a bunch of the younger puppies from the Faith litter. There is nothing more fun to watch then a pen full of puppies frolicking around and having a good time. Very entertaining for the people and very fun for the dogs.

The puppies see each other in class every week but they normally get right to their homework and assignments… not usually time to play. So this was a treat.

Izzo’s litter mates are named:


At the party were Angel, Benny, Hudson, Boston and Nala. It is fun to see them outside of class where you could get to see their unique personalities. Some of Izzo’s littermates have blogs… I intend to post links to them soon!

(I've decided to end all my posts with sign-off Cheers (like the Brits do...) in honor of Izzo's mum named Cheers).

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