Saturday, June 13, 2009

Growing Like a Weed - er.... Dog

I was gone for the past week for work… and returned to find that my puppy had turned into a young dog. I swear, Izzo grew an inch in a week!

I’m posting several new pics. Unfortunately most of them are now 2-4 weeks old, but I haven’t had time to download the most recent so these will have to do. Izzo and her littermates are now 4 ½ months old! They are all beautiful dogs.

Enjoy the pics – hopefully more recent ones will be available soon!


Izzo and Miles visited the WM Elementary School to thank them for their efforts raising money for Helping Paws. They raised over $5000! AWESOME! Thanks to all the kids who did chores to earn money and all the parents and staff at the school for such wonderful support.

Izzo with her mom, Cheers, at the Helping Paws Wag, Walk and Run event two weeks ago.

The next 2 pics are Izzo on June 1st - her 4 month birthday. One day I noticed she had WHISKERS! Where did they come from???? Izzo is also starting to lose her baby teeth, maybe because she is no longer a baby????

Izzo - being her cute service-dog self on May 25th at a Memorial Weekend picnic at Fort Snelling State Park.

We visited the SW Metro Transit station to get Izzo used to hearing buses and the noises they make. We also had the good fortune to meet a state policeman AND an Eden Prarie fireman.

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  1. Hi Izzo!

    Just wanted to stop and say that it was nice to meet you at Chuck and Don's on Saturday! Good luck with your training and we'll be back to read your adventures.

    Princess Eva & Brice