Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apple Orchard Goats

Fall is in the air and what does that mean??? Of course, a trip to the apple orchard. An apple orchard is a perfect outdoor venue for a service dog in training. We stopped one afternoon and aside from the people and the tractors, Izzo was most intrigued with the goats.

Yes, goats.

They were just about the same size as she was… and as soon as she spotted them she was drawn to them like a magnet. She sure had to puzzle them out. They were equally curious about her. I think she could have sat and watched them all day. Maybe they are just trying to figure out who has the longer ears.

We’ve also been busy socializing in places like Lowes, Home Depot, and garden centers. She’s a pro at entering through sliding doors now and is able to ignore shopping carts. Izzo continues to work on her greetings – sitting nicely and offering a paw to shake when instructed to. She is working very hard at this skill and is getting to be very good at it!

We just had a big night out at Helping Paws annual fundraiser, the Tail Waggin’ Dinner. There were several hundred people there and probably about 50 or 60 dogs. It was an amazing event and very heartwarming to see so many supporters show up to assist the cause of training service dogs. Thanks to everyone who generously donated and especially to the Watertown Mayer Elementary School for sponsoring Izzo and I.

Til next time… Cheers!
PS - I embeded a video FOX 9 News did about Jake and Miles 2 years ago... it tells a very nice story about the start of their journey together!

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