Thursday, August 20, 2009

Passing the ADI Test

Izzo (on the left) would like to be the first to congratulate Miles (and Jake) on passing their ADI test today! Good job Miles! They took this test about 6 months after Miles and Jake got paired so they kind of knew what to expect, making it (a little) easier. Still nerve wracking ....

The ADI (Assistance Dogs International) test is a standard that service dogs in public places have to meet showing they are unobtrusive and under control. The dogs have to ignore other dogs, they have to allow children to approach and pet them without showing any kind of excitement or agitation, they have to ignore food on floor and even food that is dropped off the edge of the table right in front of their noses!

But Miles - who has to take the test at age 5 - passed with flying colors. Jake was absolutely joyous about them passing the test today. The thought of the possibility of losing Miles was a scary one! Miles won't have to take the test again until age 10.

Jake and Miles are in the other room as I write this and I just heard Jake give the commands, "stand" "get it" "bring" "step" "give". Izzo is working on all of them (except step) and it is a reminder of the important work that she has ahead of her and why we have to practice, practice, practice every day.


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