Sunday, August 9, 2009

Six Months Old...

Oh my - it's been far too long since I posted on here...

Izzo is now six months old - effective August 1st - and has made it to her first graduation. Our Perfect Puppy class has now moved on to the ranks of Awesome Adolescence.
Problem is that means teenage years for the dogs.... kind of like teenage years for kids. Sometimes they do what their parents ask them to do .... and sometimes they don't.
So our tactic is to just use bigger and better treats. I'm always scouting for something morsel sized that smells good that Izzo can be inspired by when we are training, without it upsetting her tummy.
Izzo is learning how to tug gloves off my hands and socks off my feet. This is not a problem for her - she's goes after them enthusiastically. Good thing she knows the command to "wait" and can pause for the actual command "tug". She is also learning to "go to bed" where she goes to her blanket and lies down. Problem is dogs like to nest before they lie down so she has to learn to do it without pawing it all up.

Here's a couple pics of Izzo on her six month birthday and of Izzo and Miles celebrating Miles 5th birthday in the backyard doggie pool.

Miles is getting ready to head back to college soon. Izzo is really going to miss him when he's gone.


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  1. Have you tried microwaving liver? It makes it a great consistency and you can break it up into tiny pieces. Looks like they had a fun birthday playtime. Aren't kiddie pools awesome?